Townsend Bay Soap Company - Fine handmade soap since the late 1900s
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Handcrafted Bar Soap

Our handmade bars of cold-process soap are loaded with good-for-your-skin olive, palm kernel and coconut oils, and are scented with pure essential oils or fine fragrance oils. 4 oz

Our soaps are made entirely by hand, in small batches, using the best natural ingredients we can find, and are allowed to cure for one month. At the end of that time, we have beautiful bars of soap that are nutrient-rich, help soften skin, and provide wonderful fragrance and lather. 

Available in these scents:
- Classic Lavender
- Classic Lavender-Oatmeal
- Coconut-Lemongrass
- Sea Mist
- Woods of Washington
- Victorian Rose
- Sunny Citrus
- Lavender-Mint
- Lemongrass
- Sandalwood
- Townsend Bay Rum
- Eucalyptus-Mint
- Pure as the Driven Snow (fragrance-free)
- Herbal Goat’s Milk
- Lavender Goat's Milk
- Queen of the Nile
- Spicy Almond - Back by popular demand!
- Candy Cane Holiday - Seasonal, Limited
- Gardener's Grits: Lavender
- Gardener's Grits: Peppermint

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